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1678 Parish Contributions

A year ago, while researching the origins of the name "Hope Mansell", I discovered that both Hope Mansell and Weston-under-Penyard had, along with many other parishes in England, contributed to the rebuilding of St Paul's Cathedral after the great fire of London. Last month I visited the Guildhall in London to see what records the library there held, and to my surprise I was allowed to handle the original lists of contributors from Herefordshire. They were all written on scraps of paper, and what appeared to be the backs of old church newsletters, and were for the most part very messy! It is interesting to note that Hope Mansell must have been comparatively wealthy at the time, as their total contribution was among the highest in the county, including those from the Hereford city parishes. Some of the original writing was hard to make out, but for the record this is what I read:

"Moneys collected towards the (???) February 14th 1678 in the Parish of Weston Sub Penyd

John Rowse Esq One shilling  John RudgeThree pence
Roger BonnorThree pence  John Rudgemead Five pence
Jonathan SmithFive pence  Walt LloydFive pence
John WellingtonFour pence  Henry RudgeFive pence
Tho SwayneFive pence

Gather in all by us four shilling and four pence
Tho. Newton Curate
James Roberts Churchwarden"

"Hope Mauncell August 5th 1678. Collected than in the said Parish towards the rebuilding of St Pauls Church £3-8

John (Keyseson?)Four shillings  John (Sprite?) Eight shillings
Joan TaylorFour shillings  Tho MillsSix shillings
John TowerTwo shillings  George SmithThree shilling
Tho (Keyse?)Three shillings  Wm (Sprite?)One shilling
David JamesTwo shillings  Joan StreetTwo shillings
John (Meel/Meed?) Two shillings  James DowleTwo shillings
Mary FloydTwo shillings  Rith. EddyTwo shillings
Rith. TaylorOne shilling

Signed Ja. Jones Curate
Wm (Keyse/Reyse?) Churchwarden"

Caroline Elmitt

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